24 Jul 2015


Ilona Kalnoky

Picture Window #2

The sculptural work of Ilona Kalnoky interacts with space, time and matter. Her works arise in a dialogue with the material whose form is inexhaustible. The progression of the ideas remains visible in every stage marking thus physical pointers of the process.
"Mirrors" (2015), which  are exposed these days in Manière Noire show the exhibition space from front to its back side and behind the object while we try to assume a complex system of relationships that affects us and our environment ecologically and economically.

Ilona Kálnoky was born in Styria, Austria. She studied sculpture at the University of Arts, Weißensee, in Berlin with professor Bernd Wilde and Karin Sander.

She has exhibited in galleries and institutions in Germany, Austria and Denmark.

Her work is represented in several public and private collections such as Foundation Massey in New York, Collection Humanic in Austria etc.  

She lives and works in Berlin and Uckermark.