19 Jun 2015

POETS' CORNER - In Memoriam Wiktor Iwaniv


20.06.2015 6 to 8 PM

POETS' CORNER in Manière Noire 
An Event of Poesie Festival Berlin

This event is dedicated to the poet Wiktor Iwaniv.
With Dmitri Dragilew, Tomáš Glanc, Hendrik Jackson, Ilya Rivkin, Dr. Christian Wollek
Moderation: Hendrik Jackson

Wiktor Iwaniv was born in Novosibirsk, where he also lived and died in March 2015, aged 37. He was a poet who, in the recent years, was increasingly receiving attention in Russia as well as in Germany. He latterly visited Germany within the framework of "Tandem", a literary exchange program of the Brandenburg Gate Foundation. His voice can be heard on lyrikline.org. www.lyrikline.org/en/poems/kamera-7207 His poems were printed in the literary magazines Akzente, Language in the Technical Age, and most recently "automnic stories", a collection of short stories was published  in hochroth-Verlag. He was honoured in Russia among other awards the Andrei Bely Prize and is considered an important voice especially by the younger generation. In his work one may trace surrealist impacts (he was a translator from French) as well as influences of new Russian authors from Chlebnikov to Sosnora.